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The Van cat's eyes are always large with eyes of three types: both eyes amber, both eyes blue, or one amber and one blue.Most of the stories about the Van cat seem to be about the blue and amber color eyed cats, perhaps because their eyes seem more expressive.The only other colors are an amber tail and amber marks to the head.Historic records show the Van cat on cliff-side carvings in the van region from the middle bronze age, especially proliferating in carvings done by Assyria and Urartu, the latter a forebear of the Armenian race.The poor animals, driven into a frenzy, would lacerate the Armenian captives.Biblical Mount Ararat is some 100 miles to the north-east.Its skin is shell-pink, and its ears have long, delicately curved inner tufts, sometimes with 'feathers' on the tips.Van cats can easily be trained, if treated sensibly, and apparently love to be with human beings.

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The cat is a natural breed, no human selection or cross-breeding has been used to establish the breed.They noticed that the cats particularly around the area of Van in current Eastern Turkey bore a remarkable resemblance to the traditional Angora type, which were heretofore known by outsiders as "Turkish cats".The most noticeable difference however was that the coat was not pure white, but had auburn head markings and a faintly ringed auburn tail.Because of this discovery some scientists now question the long held belief that cats were first domesticated in Egypt.

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Ironically, the Turks now have a special section on their government web site about the cat, recounting that their ancestors called this cat "pisik".

However, carvings and inscriptions found in Assyrian and Urartian records showing the cat as a favored animal or deity predate the Turkish existence in the area by 2000 to 3000 years, causing no end of consternation to present day Turkish historians.

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