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VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson -- 'Nobody Wants to Work with Me'Most people assumed she was throwing shade at Miley Cyrus, whose now infamous "Blurred Lines" performance with Robin Thicke had everyone talking."I never said Miley Cyrus," Kelly clarified to Cohen. Watch Kelly's brilliant comeback in the video below. But though she won't admit to dissing Miley, she does admit that she once dated her , you can't fight it! VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson Can't Stop Hating on 'From Justin to Kelly'Kelly recently responded to British journalist Kate Hopkins, who's gotten plenty of criticism for her cruel comments about Kelly's weight.From 1997 to 2008 he was the Commentary page editor.is a musical comedy about the first Thanksgiving, which, lore has it, brought together the indigenous tribes with the Pilgrims in the year 1621.Oh, and there's one other thing that separates the movie from, say, "She's All That" or "Boys and Girls" ("From Justin to Kelly" director Robert Iscove's previous movies). Guarini and Clarkson sing seven new songs in the movie, plus a remake of KC and the Sunshine Band's disco classic "That's the Way (I Like It)." Clarkson calls "From Justin to Kelly" " 'Grease' on the beach," but the movie is influenced just as much by recent musical movies "Moulin Rouge" and "Chicago" as by the classics."It's not so, like, musical, like jazzy," she said.(Click to see photos on the set.) "We only actually kissed once in the movie," Clarkson said, shrugging off the challenge."And we've done stage kisses and romance scenes and everything before, so it wasn't anything big." And if Guarini's plot synopsis of the movie if any indication, "From Justin to Kelly" isn't quite the typical sappy love story.

"From Justin to Kelly" was shot in just six weeks, with the stars spending any free hours in the recording studio.

In the video, Justin portrays "Lil' Sweet," -- who is "self-employed" but apparently goes around spreading the gospel of Diet Dr. It's hilarious -- and something you should definitely check out in the video above! Pepper commercial went viral just weeks after l, Justin kept busy by dropping his self-titled debut album, plus a second album and an EP.

PEOPLE reports that the singer is now married with two kids -- William Neko, 3, and Asher, 2 -- as well as a stepfather to his wife's daughter Lola.

Sure, it starts good and dandy with the two experiencing a sort of love at first sight, but they soon see spring break is not the easiest place to fall in love.

"The rest of the story is about how we sort of get together, or try and get together, but there's this massive miscommunication and this evil friend gets in the way," Guarini revealed.Clarkson admits it's been a challenge, but she thinks they pulled it off.

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