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During the Great Tribulation (Rev 11; 12; 13) Jesus uses the term "Earth Dweller" for the first time in Rev 13:8; no coincidence 13/8="Phi" the "Ratio of Life".

Francis also said he plans to "Baptize Aliens"; looks like Sept 23 is going to get real interesting!

Jupiter is the son of Saturn, Chaos, Chronos, Father Time or the Grim Reaper; in Babylon Jupiter was known as Marduk aka Planet X. The Aquarian Age is a return to the pre-flood world of LGBTQ 2, violence, lawlessness and Godlessness; a world of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity; Liberty from God; Equality with God ie the 1st Serpent Lie and Fraternity with people who have rejected Jesus Christ as God in Flesh and accepted the Mark of the Beast.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothes teaching Christians about the Rev 12:1 Sign on Sept 23, 2017 including false teachers, Messianic Rabbi (Jesus said call no man Rabbi Mat 23:8) Jonathan Cahn, Paul Begley and the Boise Prophecy Summit Liars.His book, “The Harbinger” had just come out and he was popping up everywhere to promote it.Since then, he has catapulted to end times celebrity, even being asked to give the invocation at Obama’s Presidential Inaugural Breakfast in Washington, DC. Now that his book has sold well past one million copies, Rabbi Cahn no longer has to go on talk shows to promote anything unless he wants to. Here is a forecast map at Ventusky predicting Hurricane Jose making a Bee Line for New York City, arriving on Sept 20, 2017, "Rosh Hashanah" the date the "Christ Angle" forms in Egypt and start of Hebrew year 5778, the year Rabbis await the return of Moshiach, the False Messiah Jesus warned of in Jn A collection of proven False Teachers like Marine Chaplain, Messianic Karate Rabbi Michael Rood (just moved to Jerusalem for the final battle of Good versus Evil); Planet 9/Alien physicist Konstantin Batygen; 5X False Date setting Rapture enthusiast Scottie Clark, Planet X mythologist Gil Broussard, Messianic Rabbi Mark Biltz, "Gog and Magog" liar Amir Tsarfat; Skeptic Magazine, "When Prophecy Fails" Michael Shermer and Planet X-Bible liar David Meade all on the big screen teaching Planet 9 (Yet unnamed) , Planet X "Nibiru", Return of the Messiah, Antichrist as "Evil Personified" in a giant War with Yeshua over "Greater Israel"? There is no Planet X or Planet 9 Plan 9, Planet 9 and Planet X (X=Greek Messiah) is Zeus the Greek Messiah called Jupiter by the Romans.

"Planet X means Planet of the Crossing", a reference to Jupiter in periodic retrograde moving back and forth across the Ecliptic.

CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett reports from Washington.

But the burden of the halfdozen succeeding trips was homogeneous. Big clocks, little clocks, old clocks, new clocks, fat clocks, lean clocks, solemn clocks, fussy clocks, clocks of red, of green, of brown, of pink, of white, of orange, of blue, clocks that sang, and clocks that rang, clocks that whistled, and blared, and piped, and drummed.… continue reading »

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Send Flowers View Memorial Folder Sign/View Registry Billy was born February 9, 1949, in Ogallala, NE, to Burt and Margaret "Polly" Cross.… continue reading »

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