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27-Mar-2018 14:06

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Some (I) would argue we should do a better job adopting them into our vocabularies (and I will argue that). The sooner we stop thinking of genderqueer people as “the other” and finding more ways to differentiate between cisgender and genderqueer, the sooner we’ll begin to understand one another, accept one another, and legislate fairly for one as well as the other. There are a lot of books and articles and research papers you can read about this stuff if you’d like to learn more.

Using the comments below is a great place to ask questions, add your own thoughts, or full-on refute mine.

For this edition of Elle Oh Elle, I’ve enlisted the voice of Monika MHz, a Portland DJ and columnist.

Monika is a trans woman, and she’s here to explain how you can make the world a better place by removing transphobia from your life.

If you’re particularly quick, you’ll realize it’s not too different from how it works for our cisgender friends. People are attracted to certain kinds of people; attracted to certain expressions of masculinity and femininity; attracted to certain physical manifestations of sex and gender (breasts, and/or hair, and/or penises, and/or etc.); and attracted to certain self-identities of gender as they pertain to relationship and societal roles.

If a genderqueer person is attracted to women, you would say that person is gynesexual.

If a genderqueer person is attracted to genderqueer people, you would say that person is skoliosexual.Let’s broaden our discussion, to include all of our sex-positive brothers and sisters.

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